Thousands of ghetto people have today attended Bishop Kiganda ‘s birthday party which he decided to celebrate it with the vulnerable from Kasato, China Town and Kakajjo Zone all located in Kisenyi, Kampala at Christianity Focus Centre.

Among the many who attended the celebrations, were the orphans who only make a living  from collecting bottles which they sell and get less than five hundred Ugandan shillings for survival, the widow, together with the disabled people.

“For the past years, my wife Pastor Cindy Kiganda, CFC pastorale board together with women with the difference, have been organising for me surprise birthday parties, but this time round I decided to celebrate it with the people where I came from because at 9 years I was selling pineapples in the ghettos of Nyedo – Masaka like most of you here” Bishop David Kiganda said.

In his message to them, Bishop Kiganda urged them to drop all their bad habits and accept Jesus Christ because he has great plans for them “Take pictures as you’re because after accepting Jesus, it will be the only evidence which you will show to people that on this day, it was the turning point of my life changed” he said.

Many accepted Jesus as their Lord and saviour and ready to start coming to church as they also promised to drop their bad habits.

Bishop Kiganda cut cake with them and ate lunch with them together with donating to them basic needs.

The vulnerable people appreciated Bishop David Kiganda for acknowledging and consider them as humans since they claims that they’re abandoned by the general population.